Swingin’ Sun

Swingin’ Sun is my brand that features one of a kind, hand made, tie dye designs. Check it out!

One of a kind, hand-dyed, comfy tie dye shirts!

For the wild child, the wanderer, the gypsy, the hippie, the one who chases the Sun…Welcome to Swingin’ Sun.

Swingin’ Sun is a one-woman brand that consists of one of a kind, hand-dyed, tie dye products.

I want to make something that’s unique and shows that everyone is different, even if only by slightly. What better than tie dye? Although some products may have the same colors and design, each item turns out differently and not one is exactly the same!

The different colored sleeves was an original idea from the beginning that I want to keep true to my designs. It adds the “one of a kind” touch to the shirts!

I call all “wild, wandering, gypsy, hippie children” to my shop because I feel that tie dye is the lifestyle those labels represent. With tie dye, you have the chance to be free within your mind / soul all while expressing your art / designs. The end result creates something exquisitely wonderful that I want to share with others.