Store Displays

For this Parsons X Teen Vogue assignment, I headed down to Forever 21 to check out some of their displays. One thing that I have always though was incredibly smart for stores to do is to put multiple items on tables when you are checking out. I notice it more and more whenever I shop at malls. Forever 21 does it, Gap does it, Target does it, Francesca’s does it, everyone does it!

Although for the customer it can be annoying because you want to buy everything (!), it is an amazing strategy. Especially for little kids. Whenever you put toys or accessories for them at eye level, they grab it, give you the puppy dog eyes, and make you buy it! The picture below is Forever 21’s checkout. When I own a boutique, this is what I am going to do!


Another display I recently saw that I liked was one at Macy’s in Chicago. I was in the kitchen area and they has this colorful display with kitchen sets in color order!

I loved it!



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